Managed Support Services for VPS & Dedicated Servers

Initial Consultation (5 Hours Max)

Outcome of consultation implement via On-Demand service on per hour basis as greed.

- performance bottlenecks (gap of current level against Customer/User needs)

- known vulnerabilities

- missing vendor patches

- signs of hack

- incorrect antispam settings - dns, dnsbl, filters, etc

- incorrect backups schedule

- missing antivirus/rootkit hunters software

- insecure software settings

- server mailout IP in known blacklists

- other possible problems per request/need

  • Discuss setup of new environment specifications with customers (5 hours max)
    1. New Environment
  • Review existing environment against the following parameters and make further recommendations for implementation via On-Demand service on per hour basis as greed:

    2. Existing Environment
On Demand Support

1.1. Analyze performance bottlenecks with further recommendations
1.2. Eliminate consequences of hacks, happened through smb. else fault
2.1. Implement changes to environment per Customer requests, per performance/security recommendations
2.2. Transfer data across environment per Customer requests
2.3. Restore data from backups
2.4. Set up backups
2.5. Set up data encryption
3.1. Reset passwords for accounts/mailboxes
3.2. Advise Customer on proper software use
4.1. Recommend better performance settings for environments
4.2. Recommend backup settings/schedule with Customer needs
4.3. Recommend hardware/software settings/configuration (RAID/HA cluster) with Customer needs
4.4. Recommend secure settings/configuration for PCI compliance of environments
4.5. Recommend SSL/TLS configurations for web-environments with secure cipher suites, without old vulnerable protocols
5.1. Set up development environment identically to production one
5.2. Clone production environment to development one
5.3. Set up development tools per Customer instructions
5.4. Set up testing tools per Customer instructions
5.5. Set up automatic releases to production
5.6. Set up production environment identically to testing one
5.7. Set up production environment with Customer specs
5.8. Set up automatic releases to production
5.9. Troubleshooting - find out why something in application does not work as expected

  • 1. Monitoring/Support
  • 2. Change Management
  • 3. Assistance
  • 4. Improvements
  • 5. Assistance with development (through initial initial consultation, then per hour implementation, except for 5.9 service)
Ongoing Support Package (Requires Initial Consultation First)

1.1. Install patches from vendor
1.2. Install urgent patches from vendor
1.3. Apply workarounds for known vulnerabilities until vendor patch is released
1.4. Transfer data across environment for balanced performance
2.1. Monitor critical performance parameters
2.2. Monitor hack attempts
2.3. Protect against standard DDoS attacks
2.4. Eliminate consequences of hacks, happened through our fault
3.1. Set up environment against spam
3.2. Set up antivirus/rootkit hunter software
4.1. Reset root/administrator passwords on servers
5.1. Recommend secure settings/configuration for environments. Implementation - per hour work (on-demand service 2.1).
6.1. Report on results of review of existing environment, completed upon taking environment under service

  • 1. Maintenance
  • 2. Monitoring/support
  • 3. Change Management
  • 4. Assistance
  • 5. Improvements
  • 6. Reporting